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Delfidia Pulmo Assistant device

It is no secret that due to the growth of cities and industry, the development of the transport network, and many other factors that lead to environmental degradation, as well as to an increase in stress on the human body, lung health is becoming an increasingly urgent issue.

Delfidia Pulmo Assistant pulmogadget is a unique portable device for separate bioimpedance research of the ventilation function of each lung and their pulse blood flow. No x-rays, no masks, no mouthpieces. This device can be used in every home. It is designed as an element of the mass remote health monitoring system Cardio Alliance.

using pulmo

The device operation is based on the electrical impedance chest examination method, which looks like an ECG taking: electrodes are placed on the body and electrical signals are recorded, including the actual ECG. Blood and air volume fluctuations in the lungs cause changes in chest electrical resistance. Weak high-frequency electric current helps to measure it, and special positions of the electrodes make it possible to fix such fluctuations in each lung separately..

 pulmo smartpatent

The device has precise metrological characteristics for measuring high-frequency resistance. It makes possible to measure the chest electrical asymmetry (base impedance), identify differences in the resistance fluctuations amplitude of two lungs and compare their ventilation-perfusion relations (VPO) through the electrical properties of the body. These findings are used by the pulmonologist for differentiated diagnosis of lung diseases.

Technical characteristics:

  • Latest electronics development;
  • IPG and RPG record from each lung;
  • ECG record from one lead (II);
  • Exact measuring of Z0, ΔZ, ΔZ', HR;
  • V/Q estimation;
  • Voice helper;
  • Color graphic digital display;
  • Heart rate threshold setup for alarm signal;
  • Bluetoothfor connection with smartphone or computer;
  • Inbuilt litium polymer rechargeable battery;
  • Battery level indication.

Computer program functions:

pulmo scr

  • Separate and common IPG and RPG curves registration from lungs (volume);
  • Generate graphs of the first derivative curves (flows);
  • generate "flow-volume" loops for each type of signal and each light separately, their sum;
  • Determine and displaying V/Q trends;
  • Display and analysis of ECG.

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