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Dosimeter-meteorological station Satellite-Meteo

SATELLITE-МЕТЕО is a weather station for forecast of weather changes and environment physical parameters monitoring. It can be used at home or office, and as a hiking meteorological station for place and rest time choosing. Satellite Meteo is the first meteo-station with continuous digital indication of radiation background changes.

Sound, light and animation accompaniment of the moment when gamma - or β-particles hit the radiation sensor working area allows to detect immediately the appearance of dangerous radiation. Satellite Meteo is the first weather station with a weather forecast that can be adjusted to the area climatic features. The original casing and indicator with SWR illumination, which smoothly changes its glow color over time, will decorate home or office interiors.


Device design:

The device unique functions:

    • Barometer with customizable weather forecast - a function that allows you to adjust the weather forecast to the terrain, climate zone and altitude above the sea.
    • Alarm clock - built-in alarm clocks that can be set for each day of the week. Additionally, you can set up to four reminder signals for any day until 2050.
    • Customizable illumination with the ability to select the glow brightness and the order of sorting colors, as well as the ability to fix the color of the glow you like. You can choose the optimal glow of the indicator for your taste (or turn it off completely), which will definitely improve your mood, and therefore your health.
    • Indication of the x-ray or gamma radiation equivalent dose rate, mSv/h, MKR/h. This is the first time that a continuous radiation background indicator has been implemented in the weather station, meaning you don't have to wait 30 to 40 seconds to get a single measurement. The indicator in this weather station displays information about the radiation background for the previous 40 seconds every 0.25 - 0.5 seconds. This is equivalent to taking information from about 100 conventional dosimeters connected in series with each other at intervals of 0.25 - 0.5 seconds.
    • Indication of atmospheric pressure, kPa, mmHg.
    • Animated weather forecast.
    • Indication of ambient temperature, C, F.

SATELLITE-METEO uses a new method for displaying information about the radiation background. You don't need to wait a minute or more before changing the indications. The smallest changes in the radiation level are immediately displayed on the indicator in digital form. Additional sound and original animation display make it easy and convenient to search for radiation sources that are dangerous to your life.

Technical characteristics of the device:

    • Overall dimensions-165x100x22 mm.
    • Weight 0.4 kg.
    • The warranty period is 24 months.
    • The temperature measurement range is 5-40о С.
    • The range of measurement of the equivalent dose rate of gamma radiation is 10-100 µr/h.
    • The atmospheric pressure measurement range is 86-106 kPa.
    • The range of radiation background measurement is 0.1-1 mk3v/h.
    • The measurement range of the equivalent x-ray dose rate is 0.1-1 mk3v/h.