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Delfidia Cardio Assistant device

Cardio Assistant device is an important assistant not only for a doctor, but also for an ordinary person who wants to control his/her health.

The device is patented, has an unusual design solution and rich functionality, unlike analogues used at home and in professional telemedicine.

Cardio Assistant is a very compact, lightweight and handy device for registration all required leads ECG. Its color backlight significantly facilitates the understanding of digital data displayed on the screen. Rich palette of screen symbols makes easy to adjust the device to your own parameters and to set operation mode of the gadget.

The important device features are voice helper and stress test mode, which let evaluate physical performance in different conditions of individuals of any age in the course of cardiographic observations.

The device is available in three versions:

  • Portable telemedicine gadget Cardio Assistant Lite - is the simplest version of the device. It designed for rapid assessment of cardiovascular system condition. The device equipped with color backlight and voice accompaniment. It is accessible for use by people who don’t have special knowledge and qualifications, including children.

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  • Portable telemedicine cardiorecorder-monitor Cardio Assistant Home - In contradiction to Lite version, this appliance contains module Bluetooth, which allows to transmit ECG to a smartphone (computer). The device is supplemented by 3 mobile applications which significantly expand independent research ECG possibilities and connect a user with the consultative portal.

    Delfidia Cardio Assistant application allows the user to implement ECG control and express-analysis by the primary algorithm himself. Also it is possible to save ECG on a smartphone and the server. It also helps to compare just taken ECG with the earlier records.

    Delfidia Cardio Monitor application provides opportunities to supervise ECG continuously during sleep, working in production or at the computer, fulfilling stress test and so on. You can monitor the signal on your smartphone, computer or through the Internet, locating at home or at the office, including abroad. The technology allows to observe the responsible production operators or for example seriously ill relatives remotely.

    The third mobile application  - Delfidia Cardio Observer is developed for your personal consultant. They can look through remotely all the records saved in your personal account. The trainer can observe team members ECG before training, and the doctor – their patients’ signals. The Special system service is: the expert can log in to the portal and monitor the recording of the user ECG in real time, for example during the night or load test.

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  • Portable telemedicine cardioregister-monitor with local telemetry function Cardio Assistant Pro is the version with wide range of functions and software apps. In addition to Home package, the gadget has Bluetooth for data transfer to a smartphone, and, in additional, there is an inbuilt radio modem for remote registration ECG to a computer using local telemetry, it means: with no connection to the internet. On this basis there can be built the control system of condition for clinical patients, testing for sportsmen, monitoring for production operators and other. The kit for this device includes, except mobile apps, the radio module and the computerCardio Assistant Group.

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