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Our company started implementing a new project -  DELFIDIA PULMO ALLIANCE.

This is our response to the challenges of the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic and the growing number of chronic non-specific lung diseases, including children and young people.

The project aim is providing modern forms of screening of the population, home and professional monitoring of the lungs state in the conditions of clinical and outpatient cardiorespiratory system diseases treatment, assessment of respiratory reserves during rehabilitation and physical activity growth, transition to intensive physical training, etc.

DELFIDIA PULMO ALLIANCE is a telemedicine complex that includes a digital platform and a set of devices for screening and remote monitoring of the lungs state, which can be used by pulmonologists and therapists, thoracic surgeons, ventilators, children's and sports doctors in their work, as well as the population which is interested in self-monitoring of health and reducing the number of visits to clinics.

The project relevance. The SARS-Cov-2 pandemic has caused great damage to economies of all countries, but primary, it continues to claim thousands of lives, including young people. The second pandemic wave is even more severe, creating new challenges on every continent.

Patients with pulmonary, cardiovascular, kidney, digestive and nervous system diseases, diabetes mellitus and obesity are the main risk groups. This creates difficulties in diagnosis and in the choice of treatment tactics, procedure of moving emergency patients. The risks of fatality is increasing because as hospitals become overcrowded, there are attempts to cat the treatment and rehabilitation period, and many patients are simply left at home with the hope the disease will pass lightly.  

Advanced methods of lung diagnosis and treatment are becoming increasingly important in the fight against Covid-19. The company "DELFIDIA" has created a unique technology for harmless and painful examination of lung functions, excluding the use of mouthpieces and masks, as well as X-rays.

The project won prizes at the international startup competition and became the finalist of the Eurasian Digital Medical Platform Competition. The devices are protected by patents of the Eurasian Patent Office, patents of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus.

The PULMO ALLIANCE project addresses two socially important issues:

  1. Enables early lungs diagnosis in a safe and comfortable manner (similar to electrocardiography);  
  2. Provides 24/7 on-line communication between patient and doctor and the possibility of night remote vital functions monitoring (EKG, respiration, body temperature, etc.)


The scientific reasons for wide introduction of PULMO ALLIANCE complex are:

  • Identification early lung pathology, including pneumonia SARS Cov-2, based on transtoracal electrical impedance.
  • Ensuring lung examination safety and informativity, possibility of researching lung ventilation and circulation parameters without X-ray, contractions and masks.
  • Technical conditions’ justification of separate and local research of right and left lung functions, calculation of ventilation perfusion relations (V/Q) in each one.
  • Production of portable telemedicine devices - CARDIO ASSISTANT and PULMO ASSSISTANT and mobile applications for patient health analysis and data transmission to remote portal.
  • Clinical testing of methods and devices on patients with Covid-19 diseases and study of the medical staff recommendations.

What is the prospect

Health monitoring is becoming the norm of relations between a contemporary person and the state. This social task is now being solved with the help of high technologies (e-health, health, e-cardiology and an.). The practice of remote patient consultation is actively developed by the largest companies in the world, as well as many medical centers The created platform DELFIDIA PULMO ALLIANCE helps to solve the problems of home health monitoring of students, pensioners, athletes, militaries, etc.

Immediate calculation of ventilation and perfusion ratios in the lungs, inexpensive equipment for long-term and continuous monitoring of pulmonary functions in clinical and outpatient treatment make the project very promising not only in the fight against SARS-CoV-2, but also against other lung diseases. The products are suitable for studying the condition of people in extreme living conditions (underwater, mountain and space medicine), etc.

Potential for international cooperation

The DELFIDIA PULMO ALLIANCE project opens up wide opportunities for creative partnership and collaboration. Advanced technologies can be scaling and serve to all the humanity.

Many medical centers undertake to provide remote consultations, but they do it only on the basis of previously received medical documents or Skype communication with the patient, but they cannot see medical signals at the time of treatment. In addition, home self-monitoring devices, as a rule, do not have an interface for transmitting data to the server, only some of them save data on memory cards. Well-known fitness trackers and smart watches are not recognized by the medical community as diagnostic tools. We are ready to provide specialists with 5 types of new devices and the entire telemedicine system, including mobile and computer applications, server functionality, organizational and methodological solutions for familiarization and decision-making on their use in their field of activity. The company is ready to assist in the development of this technology and provides guarantees of scientific and technical support. 

Achieving the world's sustainable Development Goals, including healthy lifestyles and well — being of the population, is one step closer with the use of household telemedicine and the development of a range of wearable and home biomedical devices.