Telemedicine platform CARDIO ALLIANCE

This year our company is entering the final phase of work on the project CARDIO ALLIANCE – telemedicine portal for mass health monitoring.

In contradistinction to the well-known digital medical platforms collecting data on the condition of chronic patients for the purpose of their remote consultation. This platform is intended to help not only cardiac patients, but also people who consider themselves relatively healthy, but who want to build up the body's reserves.

The portal's mission

We see the portal designed to anticipate the occurrence of diseases which are the main causes of death in the developed countries, like cardiovascular and pulmonological diseases, to prevent their appearance with age through a rational lifestyle and systematic control, and self-control of body parameters.


The best way for health strengthening, as we know, is regular physical exercise.. However, even here you need to know the measure. Fashion for sports sometimes has the opposite effect: overloads cause complications and even lead to sudden cardiac death.

Tools created within the project, such as:

The devices are wearable, so they can be used for monitoring operators of responsible industries, early detection of occupational diseases under harmful working conditions, in psycho-physiological and other research.

using cardiogadget

The project features are:

- providing a complete technological chain of the monitoring system: from physiological signals sensors to algorithms for their analysis on the portal;

- guarantees of quickness, comfort and depth of examination due to patented technical and methodological solutions;

- own production of affordable and accessible in the acquisition of telemedicine gadgets (cardiorecorders, impedance pulmogadgets, smart-glucometers, climate stations, etc.);

using pulmo

pulmo screenshots

- rich list of mobile and computer applications (client, expert, administrator, doctor, etc.);

- remote  the group of individuals physiological reactions on-line monitoring, for example, participating in a scientific experiment (like the Sirius-4 program);

 - night body state monitoring, including children, the elderly, dispatchers, athletes, etc.,

- data collection by the local radio network when there is no Internet communication, etc.

Structure of the mass group cardiological monitoring systemтруктура schemes

The system is copyrighted in eight applications for inventions, utility models and industrial designs.

All elements of the telemedicine system are experimentally tested in medical, scientific, educational and sports organizations.

using cardiogadget1

Due to their interest in continuing cooperation, computer applications are being developed for data exchange, mutual consultation and participation of emergency

The created digital platform is suitable for medical examinations of the population, the health monitoring of students, health and fitness dynamics monitoring of athletes, military personnel, office workers, etc.

The value of the developments was recognized by foreign experts and  the EEC jury, who nominated this project to the international competition "European digital platforms" final in 2018. There are 3 patents of the Republic of Belarus and 2 patents of the Russian Federation, 2 applications are on examination.

Commissioning of the platform is planned for 2020 year.


Send your questions and suggestions about the project to email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.