Delfidia company was established in 2017, but it combines the experience, knowledge and numerous developments of its employees created in previous years. Today there are more than 100 specialists who develop and produce various bio-sensors, electronic devices, software, mobile applications, software and hardware complexes.

Our projects provide a solution to the problem of the body functional state rapid monitoring, mass remote monitoring of health and predicting human performance in various spheres of life, like production, sports, education and creative activities..

Our team's strategic purpose is to create a unified information system for remote health monitoring, active promotion and implement telemedicine systems for household and professional use.

For this purpose, the company has already developed, patented, and is preparing for mass production of unique devices for home and medical control - cardiogadget and pulmogadget, glucose meters with original test strips, home climate station with radiation control, electronic scales, devices for physical activity dosing and hematocrit Express control, and other indispensable in modern conditions assistants.

Complementing them with well-known devices for measuring blood pressure, pulse oximetry, and hand effort, everyone can organize a full-fledged home health monitoring laboratory and receive remote consultations through telemedicine systems of the m-Health class. Having created and tested prototypes of mobile applications and remote server programs, we are looking for partners to complete our market product, bring it in line with the standards and requirements of our customers ' countries, and assist in wide implementation, including in education, sports, tourism, fitness, labour protection, and other areas.

Telemedicine is modern communication systems using for health information exchange, discussion of remote workers difficult diagnostic situations, counseling patients on distance from the medical center, the collection of health indicators measured by patients at home, to predict their state and distribution of recommendations outpatient treatment, and prevention of chronic diseases, reduce expenses of both sides in transportation costs, eliminating mutual risk of infection during a pandemic, etc.

Telemedicine is a new level of medical service that increases the chances of saving the lives of those people who, due to circumstances, are deprived of direct contact with the attending physician or medical institution.

Delfidia Ltd.:
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